Notifications for New Messages in Streams

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I want to ensure I'm not missing any new messages. Please integrate a Notification tab/centre to let me know when I have new messages in my streams with pop up notifications being optional!
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    It would be helpful if there was the ability to have streams show only unread messages. I would like to have a stream that only includes that new posts/messages that I have not yet seen. 
  • An alert or notification center/tab that collects notifications from all streams set for alerts, or allowing us to select what we want to be alerted to, would be useful.
    It should link to the stream that contains the notification when clicked, or let us take action right from the notification.
    It should also allow for desktop notifications.
  • Any update? It has been a year.
  • Yes!!! highlandbluffstudio this is exactly what I'm requesting too!
  • Requested and Suggested in November 2016 @highlandbluffstudio , @kbajus
    @GameDev ; ... still waiting :-( 
    Kind Regards
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