No limit for bulk uploads when there are already posts in queue

I have a bulk file for my tweets with 350 tweets which I can upload in bulk without a problem. But I have 5 other social media accounts which also have posts in que. This means I can only schedule posts manually or bulk upload untill I reach 350 again. With 6 different accounts this costs me a lot of time to plan, while Hootsuite and bulk uploading should save me time :smile: :wink:

I would like to be able to bulk upload 350 posts for whatever social media account and no matter if there are already posts in que. It could also be 250 and and I wouldn't mind of I can only do that once a week, but for every social media account, I like to be able to upload in bulk no matter if there are already posts in que for other social media accounts, or the same account.

It would be great (absolutely super!!!) if this could be possible. Hopefully in the near future :smile: :wink: 
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