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It would be nice to be able to see the Facebook Pages' HOME feed (of all the other pages this page has liked).
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  • Would be great to know why this has not been implemented, as a quick internet search shows that people have been feeding back the need for this for some years now. Is it just something that is too tricky to do? It seems like an essential component in order to use Hootsuite as a one stop shop for managing your business's FB output.
  • It would be amazing to have the ability to create a stream of the "Pages Feed" on Facebook so that I can see "Posts from Pages you've liked as your Page". This way I don't have to create a new stream for each and every page that I want to follow which could be up to 50+ streams (YIKES). Instead, I can simply 'Like' their page as my page and then add this stream. Seems like a no-brainer.
  • Where is the option to select FB NEWS FEED as a stream/feed?
  • Is it me or is there no option for facebook's news feed?
  • Ability to display friends posts not just timeline.
  • I just want to add all the Facebook pages to one Stream!
  • please implement this feature
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