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Hootsuite already saves me A LOT of time on social media, but it would save me even more time if there was a repeat option for scheduling posts.

For example, I am a bellydance teacher, and I usually create a FB event page when a new class session begins. I often share the link to the event on social media on several occasions before the event. But it would be GREAT if I had the option to automatically repeat a post X number of times before a specific date. 

A live example: my next class session begins February 20th. Today is January 16th. I would like to autoschedule the event to appear on FB at least twice per week until February 20th. I would like to autoschedule a post on Twitter every day until February 20th.

Personally, I imagine the repeat options to be similar to those I find on the Reminders app of my iPhone, where I can choose to repeat a post every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month or every year, and then end the repeat on a specific date.

I believe this could work as an AutoSchedule option as well, as I usually have no preference as to what time of day a post appears, just so long as it automatically posts.

Thank you for your consideration. 

I love Hootsuite. You guys are awesome.
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  • Arg! No response? I was wondering about this too. (Also I am a belly dance student, which caught my eye *more* than the actual question!) 
  • This is the best idea. I Know that this function permits abuse, but if you limit the number of repetitions it avoit abuse. Please Hootsuite implement this function ASAP!!!
  • This should do it for you: Reposting done easy using Publer
  • I agree, giving the option of reposting would be a great help to catch people who missed the first one. The only flaw I find in using Hootsuite.
  • Yes, this would be a really great function to be able to use. I wanted to do this today and it would be helpful it the was a way to schedule repeat posts of the same post. 
  • This is built inherently into Cloud Campaign's drip schedule

    You can post day of, day later, week later, month later, 3 months later, and repeat at an interval if you'd like

  • the easiest way to is create a CSV and upload en masse and change with 1 space here and there or a different graphic atm. SproutSocial is far more efficient at repeating options in that you create 1 post and can set it to repeat each day at any time so if you carefully craft 1 or 2 days you can have a whole month setup without hassle.

  • So here's what I want to do.
    When I have a successful post, I like to recycle the content.
    If I could do this, even months later, that would be very helpful! I know other platforms offer this feature (such as Buffer.)
    Here's the steps I want to take:
    1. Identify the historical post.
    2. Click on a "re-post" or "re-publish" button.
    3. Schedule the publication and the platform (s).
    You are bright coders. Can't we find a way to do this???
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