Notifications not working!

Notifications have not been working on the app for hours! Keeps saying no internet but my internet is fine 
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  • Notifications are not working for me either
  • Reliability of push notifications has been spotty. When I first signed us up for Hootsuite, it was pretty good. But I've noticed in the last 3 weeks, the reliability has dropped significantly. We rely on these push notifications heavily, as we get busy with other tasks and don't think about social media every moment. We've foregone posting a couple of times because- by the time we realized we'd missed a scheduled post, the post had lost its purpose. Plus this interferes with analytics- the purpose of being able to schedule a time is to track engagement. If we're testing "best times" and missing them, how can we gather accurate and timely data? And we don't do Twitter, so that's not an easy way for us to report bugs. Very frustrated!
  • I echo StagHarpAdmin's frustration about the recent unreliability of push notifications.
  • So bad my work on Hootsuite and i have no notifications its so bad  :( :(
  • Evidently hootsuite no longer supports notification for Twitter or Facebook only Instagram 
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