The Bulk Composer is User-Unfriendly and Time-Consuming

I'm sorry, I can't deal with this feature at all and it's the reason why I canceled my pro plan.

Here's why:
1) Images need to be included. I know you can add them later, but that takes too much time. They need to be added BEFORE hitting that publish button.

2) No duplicates? Ever? Really? Sending the same tweet 2x - or even 5x within a month - is not spam in any way, shape or form. Maybe you could limit it to 5 tweets/month with the same wording or something. I wouldn't do it on FB or any other channel, but to send the exact same tweet out a couple of times in a month is perfectly OK, trust me.

3) A CSV file for creative visually-oriented marketers is, well, ugly and very difficult to deal with. 

How many marketers really use this feature?
Are the ones who use it really happy with it?
Are you going to optimize it anytime soon?

I will be more than happy to go back to pro if I can bulk schedule comfortably, but if it's left the way it is now, I just can't... Sorry, don't mean to be so negative. Otherwise, I love Hootsuite and your support team, you guys are great, you really are, but please, I'm begging you, plan this for 2018! You won't regret it! :)

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    I agree the bulk uploader is really difficult to use. I do love the new composer though. Also there are reasons even on facebook to have to repost the same content multiple days in a row. We are a 10 day event and if I don't repost certain information every day people will not scroll down our wall and won't see it!
  • The bulk composer is a tedious time consuming blackhole of a time suck - it can an hour per 80tweet to 1st format to upload , then to edit the "duplicate"/"evergreen" tweets by as little as a space. The twitter aspect will not auto-fetch a preview of graphics from links without you manually copying and pasting ,and clicking out side the text space between each action to get it to auto recognize each link  and hopefully fetch graphics. Its all in all faster to upload a graphic but it still takes an hour since they don't have a graphics library or a way to link g-drive or other cloud service to pull images from faster. 
      It's been crashing lately , after editing , discarding or otherwise working a few preposts it crashes and hootlet won't let you retweet the longer tweets even though they're not an issue with twitter itself. 
    Sproutsocial has a better function and win in this category as you can create a single tweet and though you can't make it tweet out multiple times in the same day you can schedule it to post once a day for as long as you want, so you can spend time to create a great twitter storm of tweets on a schedule and have them set to auto tweet out however you want for weeks and months at a time. it uses a calendar function view wherein as you're creating it and once done  you can select what days for which tweet to hit and still edit it. 
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