Sideways Pictures.

There needs to be a way to adjust rotate a picture in publisher. In the past month I've had 8 pictures post sideways. Pain to go and fix them in every social platform.  
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  • Agreed!  This is my 1st experience with this app, and I am completely unimpressed! The whole point of this app is to make you look professional across platforms, sideways pictures does the exact opposite.  Super huge fail
  • It is unprofessional when people call or msg you and tell you there is a sideways pic. 
  • This is absolutely unforgivable. I've read for years about people having this bug but no fix. My request couldn't be reproduced. But it absolutely happens on any Samsung with portrait photos  Attached is a photo that has xref of 90 degree rotation. Also attached is the same photo that hootsuite posted to Twitter. It has the xref data changed  including the rotation stripped so it says degrees. No wonder they get displayed sideways!

    Please fix it! 
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