Instagram scheduling

Would love to be able to schedule to intagram.
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We offer the ability to send and schedule posts to Instagram! For more information, please see:


  • I think that Pderosier refers to something like what Onlypult does, not having to open the notification and being able to make the schedule automatic. I would also love to see it
  • I create an Insta post to be published at 7pm. I put my phone on flight mode 6:55pm. I deactive flight mode at 7:05pm. I do NOT get a push up notificfication on my phone. Only when I open the Hootsuite app on the stream tab I see a red icon on the alarm clock.

    I DO get push notifications when I do not put my phone in flight mode.

    iPhone 5s
    iOS 10.1.1
    Hootsuite 3.4.4
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