Instagram scheduling posted for you

Please move to posting for you on Instagram like the other platforms. The whole point of the software is to not be on your phone constantly posting. I know this is a limitation of the app but with FB now owning the platform I'm hoping you can apply pressure to make the change. 

In the meantime the new notification style for Instagram ready to post doesn't remove what's been completed. The old way was better it was clear what you had to act on. Please change back or adjust the new look to have the green dot on what needs to be done. 

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  • Created an account to say the new notifications for Instagram are a major step backwards. Not being able to tell which have been executed and which haven't is a real pain. In addition, rolling them off after seven days means I can't hold onto a low or high impact post. Given there was already a working system, I can't imagine it would be difficult to bring back the parts that broke.
  • I second the above comments about new notification style. Couple this with the unreliability of Hootsuite push notifications on Android and I now routinely am missing at least one pre-scheduled Instagram post every single week.  :(
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