We should be able edit posts individually when scheduling for multiple networks.

I'm tired of scheduling a blast and having to write/schedule one for every network individually. It should be possible on one page.

Also, less negative space allows for some type of widget (ie; search).

Rendered Example: 

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  • Yes, yes, a million times yes! I do a lot of posts that are very similar across all of the different social networks but need slight changes. Also like the idea of making room for some type widget. 

    Good visual. 
  • Yeah, the composer has been the same for months. This would be an improvement.
  • YES! This is exactly what I logged on to post about! I will often schedule the same picture and caption for Facebook and Instagram but only want the hashtags to appear on IG. So c'mon HootSuite! You can add support for slight changes to different networks!
  • I also use Buffer for some clients and in it you are able to upload the text, image and links to multiple accounts all at once and then select individual accounts to make changes (i.e. add hashtags to the twitter accounts, add more text to the Linkedin accounts etc). It makes the whole process much quicker and easier.
  • Couldn't agree more! We've just started with Hootsuite and we couldn't believe that this wasn't a feature yet - especially as so many of their competitors use this. It would save so much time. 
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