Please remove the limit of 350 for bulk upload

Hi Hootsuite

We have signed up to your professional plan, which is great to get the unlimited scheduled posts and have discovered your absolutely superb feature of the bulk upload, which has been a huge help when scheduling our health promotion tweets.

We scheduled a lot of these per year, 1000+, so this has been a big help.

HOWEVER, we were hugely disappointed to discover there was a 350 post limit on this. 

The tool is so good but is severely limited to what we are trying to do having paid for the account.

Could you PLEASE remove the limit on this so that we can post everything that we need to, it is a brilliant tool and just what we need, but now we are having to copy and paste posts that we want to go out, which is very basic, not very intuitive and extremely time-consuming!

Thanks for listening and giving us the opportunity to request this.

Really hoping that you will remove the limit. 

Thank you

Bridgewater NHS
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