Analytics: PROBLEM: Excel Exporting Feature has been Removed & Needs to Return

Hootsuite Analytics removed the option to pull data via Excel spreadsheet.

"Boards" - "Twitter Publishing" - "Tweets Table"

The only options to pull data is now vaguely displayed in Power Point: "Services" "Tweets: 12" or via PDF where I pull data for a specific 3 month span and my 107 tweets are reduced to 10, because they get cut off... These reports are incomplete and USELESS. Previously, with an Excel spreadsheet the date was displayed plus ALL published Tweets. It was thorough and searchable for the data I needed to show. Hootsuite NEEDS to bring back the Excel exporting option ASAP. 

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  • I agree with this. We are on a team plan and it makes the data very challenging to analyze relationships for our specific goals. We have been seriously considering switching to Sprout Social because of this, even though they track fewer metrics.
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