Separate autoschedule for each social media account

The ONLY thing keeping me from being 100% in with HS is that I have to use the same autoschedule for all social media accounts. Can't it be set to be separate? As in set my Twitter to 5x per day M-F, but FB to 2x per day Mon, Wed, Fri (as an example).

As it stands, I have to use Buffer for easier scheduling right now  :( . I'd much prefer to use HS for everything.

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  • I would like the ability to setup the autoscheduler days and number of posts based upon which network I select to post to. I post to one network three times a day, another one twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and another only on Saturdays in the morning. I post the same posts to all of these networks, so instead of having to change the settings in the autoscheduler three times and recreate the post three times, I'd like to be able to set the autoscheduler once to post to the days, times, and numbers based upon the networks that I select in the Compose field. This would cut my time by 2/3. 
  • Yup. Much, much needed. Seems painfully obvious to anyone who actually manages multiple social media accounts.
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