Instagram Direct Publishing: ADD 'First Comment' Field for Hashtags

Love the new Instagram Direct Publishing Tool. But, I believe an automatically posted 'First Comment' field is essential for all Instagram Scheduling platforms as it allows users to implement their Hashtag Strategy into this. This allows the caption to be less crowded with the hashtags by placing them into an automatically posted 'First Comment' box.

True Instagram users will agree with me.

Please implement this if possible.

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  • Yes PLEASE!
  • I dig it.

  • NEED THIS!!!! Also a grid feature so you can see the layout of your page to make sure there is flow to the images. Honestly this is SUCH a disorganized platform. And you can't edit the pics you scheduled in the composer, unless you want to switch to having a push notification. I'm only sticking around because Grum was full, Schedugram is way too expensive, and I paid for this for a year. Not a great scheduler for Instagram.
  • Yes, we would like to see this as well!
  • Yes PLEASE! Desperately need this. 
  • Yes! NEED this feature. I have reverted back to Schedugram as this the Instagram publisher on Hootsuite just isn't good enough. I also agree with KK88 and believe you need a layout planner/preview to see how your posts flow. 
  • yes 100% to both! 
  • This definitely needs to be added!
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