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Hi - this is pasted from a Livechat at the suggestion of your operator. Hope it's useful:

Me: I'm a graphic designer, and I have to say I find your interface very confusing. You ideally should have one timeline (not two "past" and "scheduled" lists that look different) and that timeline should show a thumbnail visual of each post. In the "past scheduled" all there is is a text description, which isn't enough to tell what the post was - especially when the text of the post in question may be the same, but the image accompanying it different each time.

Mihai: I'm afraid we do not keep the image/video once it has been posted, so that is why you see it only as text. However, you can submit this suggestion via our forum: 

Me: Also - when loading new posts, I have to repeatedly choose the "send to..." options for each image I load. I'd prefer to be able to load images all at one go into a "bucket", and then all at once choose the social networks to send them to (saving me having to do this repeatedly for each one), then in a visual interface once the images are loaded add the text beneathh each, with the option to add the SAME text to all. Then an option that would post them either randomly from the bucket at a chosen frequency per day, or in the order they are in the bucket, with a visual method of reordering them by dragging.

at the moment loading more Ethan a dozen is very repetitive.

Ethan - dozen?!? 1f642png

Mihai: A very good suggestion, Rian 1f642png You can surely submit and track this idea to 

Thank you for them! 

Me: Could you do that your end?

Mihai: I'm afraid I cannot and I wouldn't want to take credit for it. 

It's best you submit it, as they were your ideas. 

Me: Can you also do the direct posting to Instagram without the business acct?

Mihai: For the time being, the Instagram's API allows only business accounts. 

Me: Will that change?

Mihai: I don't have any information regarding this. 

Me: Also - note that there is an important manual step in sizing the image to fit Instagram's square format. If not done, the image fits to the height and is cropped either side. This does not work with logo designs, which I am mostly posting. So any automated posting to Instagram should always reduce the image to fit, NOT crop it.

Mihai: You are correct, the Instagram pictures must respect their size requirements. 

Me: If this is not automated at your end (and is only possible in Instagram) I (and other users) still need to manually oversee it.

Mihai: That is correct. 

Me: Unless we pre-prepare every image so it's square, which is a lot more work.

Be nice to post to Instagram automatically, but we're not there yet! What you could do:

Mihai: The aspect rations for Instagram should be aspect ratios between 1.91:1 and 4:5. It is their requirement: 

Rian, can you submit this via the forum. I'm afraid I cannot do anything right now on my side. 

Me: In Hootsuite, add white top and bottom to any image to fit the Instagram square format BEFOREHAND. This could be an option - I'd suggest on, by default.

[Rest of conversation below for context and to illustrate original issue:]

e: Hi

For five days no Intagram images have been posted.

Is this due to the new feature whereby it happens without the intermediate step in verified business integral accts?

Hi there! 

This feature was implemented yesterday, so it might be a different case. Can you please confirm the email address of the Hootsuite account? 

Me: This feature needs to work with non - business accts. I cannot switch my Facebook account on my phone as then other apps stop working as they are linked to my personal acct.

Mihai: The Instagram direct publishing works only with Instagram business accounts. 

Me: As per my other email (pasted minus screen grabs): I’m afraid I find your interface confusing.

I’m trying to load up a series of images up to tweet, and then schedule them 2 a day.

Each should be sent to both Instagram and Twitter.

I’d like to be able to add (say) a dozen or so images, each with a message (or the same message), and then have Hootsuite choose a time to send them, with the number sent per day decided in advance by me.

I thought this is what I’d done, but the Instagram and Twitter posts are not being sent at the same time, and some are being sent the following day.

Also - some are listed together as “2 messages” - and some separately as above:

Me: I can see the missed posts on iPhone, but not on the desktop app - where do I go there to see what didn't post?

Mihai: In the mobile app, the notifications that you see there means they were not posted. 

Me: yes, I get that - on the desktop app - where do I go there to see what didn't post?

Mihai: In your desktop dashboard you will see all of them as posted, as the notification appears in your HS app. 

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  • I like your original suggestion about the calendar. It really makes more sense to have past and present in one place. And also, to be able to see the images of the post. Because, as you say, sometimes the text is the same.

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