Multiple image posting on Instagram and Facebook

I like the new update for direct instagram posting, but one thing is not working. Before we were able to send multiple images for one post, and it is not working right now. Can you give us the option to put multiple images and not published the post directly or allow us to post directly multiple images on Insta and Facebook please? 
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  • Would've been great if this feature would have been tested with multiple images before it went live.  :s :s
  • Yes, seriously, it's so frustrating. I want to turn OFF the direct photo posting to IG because I want to post multiple photos. I had to delete the post and start over again adding more photos.
  • It's a really frustrating update. Hootsuite should aware that this function is the one of reasons for using this service. 

  • YES! I agree—it's nonsensical to include direct posting to Instagram without the option to post multiple photos. I can't believe this isn't even under consideration yet. As someone said, this is a make or break feature. 
  • This works for me! To schedule multiple pictures on instagram
  • Yep - Multiple pictures posting on Instagram or we (my clients and I) go to the competition - I am 'voting' with the credit card.
  • Yes please, we need to be able to post multiple images on Instagram via Hootsuite :)
  • this needs to be implemented before i even consider paying for hootsuite!
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    We need this feature to implemented asap ☺️
  • Please implement this feature.  As it is a standard feature now and becoming increasingly more relied on, it is a much needed feature on Hootsuite.  
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