In-dashboard Photo Editing / Resizing

With the advent of publishing directly to Instagram, it has created a hassle surrounding images sizes. Instead of making one post through Hootsuite and changing the photo size later in the Instagram app, NOW two separate posts are required to be made: one for every other social media platform, and one that conforms to Instagram's image aspect ratio requirements.

Since Hootsuite is already detecting the improper image size, wouldn't it be easy to incorporate a BASIC image editor so that the photos could be edited to meet the proper aspect ratio requirement? Facbeook does this with their profile photos, G+ does this, MailChimp does this, etc.  That way one post could be made AND posted directly to all social media networks; eliminating having to make two posts, publishing to IG the old way (with its unreliable notifications!), or having to prep two different photos for a single post.
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  • +1 - Yes, this drives me crazy!
  • Agreed x 1000
  • YES Please fix this ASAP

  • Why, why, oh why is this "unplanned"?  I can't make a simple video post within hootsuite, and have spent hours trying to figure a workaround.  At this point, much more productive to just post directly to social or use other alternatives like sprout. 
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