Allow Old instagram notifications to be manually deleted

apparently, the instagram notifications in hootsuite mobile will self-delete after 30 days... but when you post daily, this means a massive - and slow - notifications list :( It would be amazing to swipe left or hold down and get a prompt to 'Hide this notification' or 'delete this notification'. :)
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Great suggestion. We're looking into it.


  • This would be awesome to be able to delete already posted pictures to IG. I find it that it slows down my phone and complely unnecessary. Thanks you. This would be helpful. 
  • My notifications for Instagram haven't deleted after 30 days. Does anyone know of any progress on this? Or a manual option to delete, either in the mobile app or from the desktop?
  • I have taken over my non profit's Hootsuite account.  There are many old (from 2015) notifications for Instagram Posts, but these are no longer needed.  They are past the 30 day window, so I need to delete them manually.  How can I do this?
  • I also support the idea of being able to manually delete notifications for Instagram posts. Once I've transferred them to Insta, I'd love to delete them so I know any new notifications are still to be posted. 

    At the moment I have to wait for several older notifications to load, then double check in Insta to see what has and has not been posted, before I can post with confidence. 

    I was kinda surprised there was no way to manually delete notifications. 
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