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As one of the predominant schedulers working with Twitter and Facebook, please engage them on providing the ability to schedule recurring posts with the same message at different scheduled times. At the very least, Hootsuite should provide (as Buffer does) the option to "re-post" a previous message without our having to re-do all the settings (image, calendar, network, etc.) 
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  • Was just about to post this , at a minimum the past scheduled posts w/ graphics should be re-schedulable hopefully more than 1-10 at a time. 
    Not spamming the same message 10x per hour but at least once a day ,
    SproutSocial if you can schedule 1 day with like 10 tweets but have them repeat once per day (not hourly) for months out. 
  • Why is this unplanned this is one of my biggest problems with Hootsuite. I have messages that I post not a few times a day but once a day but every day. And because I can't schedule multiples of the same message it makes bulk uploading a huge pain in the butt for me. So if its unplanned can you at least tell us why? What makes this not a viable idea when I'm sure it would help out a lot of your paying customers like myself.
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