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httpsdadrollcomcmindexouthttpsdadrollcomcmnoutGood afternoon... I was given your page to suggest a couple of changes to your service.  Overall, we love the service but find the duplicate post scheduling restriction very frustrating.  Our business is very repetitive month to month and our Facebook and Twitter feeds are used to inform our followers of our hours and available services etc.  Month to month we will use essentially the same post with some variations from time to time but often the exact same text.  The restriction of being able to upload any duplicates restricts our ability to get the process out of the way for quite a bit of time into the future.  I chatted with Curtis on your site and he mentioned that the duplicate restriction is in place due to spam rules that FB and Twitter have in place.  I know we have posted duplicate messages month to month before and didn’t have any issue, but I was uploading the CSV when basically all the previous posts have been published.  It does make sense to have the restriction (or a variation of) in place but I’d suggest that it only consider a duplicate a duplicate if it is within maybe 2 weeks?  If over 2 weeks maybe it could just note it as a warning in case it wasn’t intentional?  Thanks for the opportunity to submit some ideas

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