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hi, It's good that you can schedule your instagram posts but a little annoying that you have to then process the post through your mobile, but even more annoying is that when you schedule for a particular time, there is no 'sound alert' that reminds you to process through your mobile? So, therefor the posts sit there unnoticed until you remember.... The whole point of scheduling is that it's done for you, but Hootsuite for Instagram actually prolongs the process, meaning you have to process the post twice and you are expected to remember what time the post it going out? How likely is it that you will create a 'sound alert' to help remind people on their mobile that they have to process their instagram post? Thanks, Josie
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In the Hootsuite iOS and Android App Settings, there is an option to "Select Ringtone". Setting up a ringtone sound should generate the sound alert when the Push Notification is received as long as the phone sound is not muted. If you are issues with this, please reach out to us on Twitter @Hootsuite_Help and we would be happy to assist further.

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