Linkedin videos

Posting videos to linked is essential for my client and his company. Please add this feature!
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  • We totally agree on this, it's not efficient to use Hootsuite while having the need to post stuff manually.
  • We need this feature for the same reasons elicited by others.
  • Please provide video uploads for LinkedIn company pages.
  • I agree too ... It's just too bad that they are not taking steps for this issue as it could be a significant feature update!
  • Would be a great help indeed.
  • This would be good for us too
  • Yes please - native videos get more reach and engagement than sharing youtube videos. This is important please address Hootsuite
  • I also want to have this feature. My clients also want to post videos on LinkedIn.
  • please add!
  • Already requested this upgrade.  I hardly use Hootsuite for scheduling now as all my posts use native video.
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