LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn is a major channel for us as a B2B and one of the reasons why we use hootsuite is to also be able to tap into our statistics in one shot. Currently, there is no integration with LinkedIn API and that's really disappointing.
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  • That may be very useful. As the Youtube analytics ? The beta real-time analytics seems to be a very good way of viewing analytics. It'll be very practical to have Linkedin et Youtube analytics the same way
  • LinkedIn analytics would really be a plus. I'd be willing to pay a little extra for it. 
  • very few platforms have LinkedIn engagement data because of their restrictive API. Word on the street is that they are going to open up their API more this year. If that is the case, hootsuite please take advantage
  • It would really help me to have Analytics for LinkedIn profile pages and groups
  • LinkedIn analytics would be great Hootsuite! 
  • LinkedIn Analytics are a must!
  • LinkedIn analytics are a huge tick for us 
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