I have been using Hootsuite for some time now and the following adjustments (although some are restricted through Instagram I'm sure) would really be helpful.

In the calendar view, there should be an option to view ALL posts vs only scheduled from that day on and past scheduled from that day past. I like to look at the month in full view and know all together what's been posted or will be posted overall.

When posting/scheduling, there should be a color coding option. I have clients I'm posting for who have various content and it would be nice to indicate how many that week was about "happy hour specials" for example. 

Once something has been scheduled and you need to go back and edit it, it should bring you to the "composer beta" page instead of the standard because some of the options are not available.

There should be an option to schedule comments (if this is an issue with Instagram, make it so you can only schedule comments on your own page to avoid fake commentary/engagement). It's important to avoid spam-looking captions so that's why a 2nd comment using the hashtags is necessary. Plus it matters when you add those hashtags, you have to go in right away when it's posted and add it, not later on because it's ineffective otherwise.

Lastly, there should be an option to tag people within the image (not just within the caption). Like the scheduled comments, it defeats the purpose because I then have to go back in and add the tags AND within a few minutes of it being posted. 

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  • Color coding should be a flexible feature-- you choose what to color code (CC). At this point in time, I'd like to be able to CC my different social profiles so, in the monthly scheduling view, I can see I have the appropriate number of posts easily without having to adjust to viewing one account at a time. Example: pink for COMPANY's Instagram, blue1 for COMPANY's linkedin, blue2 for COMPANY's Facebook, etc.

    If I have COMPANY1 and COMPANY2, perhaps a small CC or other visual indicator from the monthly view would help separate the two.

    Thanks for your time!
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