drafts not showing up in the scheduled calendar view hinders collaboration and content process

Is there a way to tentatively schedule a post to have it show up in the scheduled calendar view but NOT send? meaning I schedule a post, but it's just the placeholder, for people to come back to and add content later? Pretty please?

It would be cool if there was a way to mark "needs content" or "complete" in each scheduled post, to tell the software that it is ready to send out automatically. That way, people would see all types of scheduled posts in the calendar view: tentative posts that need content in grey, and scheduled completed posts in blue. Only scheduled, blue posts in the calendar view would get sent automatically from Hootstuite. The tentative, grey posts in the calendar view would not get sent automatically from Hootsuite. That way we wouldn't have to worry that we're posting half-empty posts that no one got around to filling out. I wouldn't want it to send out a post that doesn't have a link, or an image, for example.

What would be cool is if drafts showed up on the calendar as the same format/style as a scheduled post but in a different color, showing team members that there is something that could go out on that day, but it still needs content.

It doesn't make sense that a draft wouldn't show up in the scheduled calendar view. Basically what I'm asking for above is a way to see drafts in the scheduled calendar view alongside actual scheduled posts. It would save time with project management and the content creation process. Because in reality, not everyone has the content ready ahead of time. And we want to use Hootsuite as the only place where social media content and planning live. Hootsuite's purpose is to save time. It defeats the purpose if we still have to plan out content outlines in other apps. We need a way to outline what our future content will be on the calendar, even if we don't have the content yet, and visualize it on the scheduled calendar view. There's no way to visualize drafts in the same way as scheduled posts in the calendar view.

It would go a long way to help planning and collaboration with the team. And it would save time when generating content. Right now it's frustrating that I have to use another calendar look like Google Docs to first plan out tentative content needs to go out when, then manually input each post into Hootsuite. I'm not talking about the bulk uploader, I'm talking about using the Hootsuite Scheduled Calendar view to throw up tentative post ideas that people can see in that graphical view, to help plan out content for the future. The whole point of Hootsuite is to save time, and it's frustrating that I still have to spend time using other apps with calendars to build out a content calendar of stuff in the future. It would be awesome to be able to create a placeholder post of the content in Hootsuite, then fill in each post's content later. Or even assign it subject matter experts.

It is very weird that "Drafts are private, single-use messages that all Hootsuite users can save to and edit in their Drafts folder. These cannot be shared with others. " Um, why? That doesn't make any sense and it hinders team collaboration.

I want people to see what posts we are thinking of posting in the future and if there's a subject matter expert, I want to be able to point them to this calendar and say "ok, we have a tentative date to publish your blog post, please generate the content, and when done, change the color from grey to blue and schedule it."

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  • Adding drafts to the calendar view is also something we are very interested in having. It would improve our content curation and production flow immensely. Please do add this function! 
  • Posting on behalf of Lauren who says:

    "My suggestion for the forum is to please have the capacity to add draft posts into calendar view.

    We have key dates that need to be recorded in the calendar to create posts around them but don’t necessary need to schedule the post at the time. We just need to remember that they are upcoming and I worry they might be missed if they just sit in draft format.

    This feature would be UNBELIEVABLY helpful!

    Thank you"

  • My scheduler is not working at all so I cannot setup messages to be automatically broadcasted at all. 
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