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Hi there! 

Currently you cannot schedule multiple photos on Instagram. According to our social media metrics our Instagram posts receive higher engagement rates when when we post multiple photos. However, adding multiple photos is a longer process. If our team wants to schedule multiple photos in a post we have to schedule the post natively on Instagram.

This includes:
*  Emailing from our professional email to our personal email the post text (our professional email does not allow us to copy and paste)
* Email all of the photos to our phones that we would like to feature
* Save each photo to our mobile device
* Be logged into our brands Instagram page natively on a mobile device (if we have a personal Instagram they become linked in the app)
* Copy and paste the post text
* Add all of the photos and post
*Go back into Hootsuite to tag the post 

Overall this is an extremely time consuming process that can easily be solved if Hootsuite updates this feature of adding multiple photos to Instagram! 

Instagram is a growing channel and more and more users are beginning to use it. Major brands and companies are developing business pages on Instagram and I believe that adding this feature will increase customer satisfaction within Hootsuite. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 




  • I totally agree! We started to use Hootsuite primarily to save time when posting on instagram + that it's so much easier to write your text on a computer than on a mobile phone when you work from an office. So please hurry up to get this feature! 

    Maria Bohlin
  • yes please - clients expect this functionality and doing manually is one less reason to use Hootsuite.  
  • Well explained, B.  Now that Facebook has removed the ability to tag from Hootsuite, Instagram can only accept 1 photo, and Twitter isn't accepting the preview link for photos...we DAILY have to go into all the other platforms to tweak all the things Hootsuite won't let us do OR to schedule those posts natively in each of those platforms because of the limitations of Hootsuite...which circumvents the very purpose of using Hootsuite.  It would be amazing if the multiple photos in IG (as well as the other two issues) could be fixed.  Thank you for considering.
  • Baffled that this feature hasn't been added yet. Agree that it defeats the purpose of using Hootsuite when you have to add 3-5 more steps to the process after you write the copy...
  • I've pretty much tried out hootsuite for about 4 months now and am not impressed at all.

    1. Cannot post multiple photos on Instagram
    2. Cannot tag people
    3. Cannot post a video from my google drive

    How am I suppose to properly track my social media activity via hootsuite if I'm constantly posting outside of hootsuite because the app is too limited?  These features that I'm listing are simple, yet very important features.  It's taking me more time to post on hootsuite, realize it's not doing what I want it to do... Delete the post, then have to post again outside of hootsuite.  Waste of time.
  • I agree. The lacking slideshow opportunity is possibly the biggest drawback with Hootsuite, and a probable reason for leaving Hootsuite. 
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