Ability to schedule tweets to multiple accounts.

If I am unable to schedule a tweet to go out at a randomized and different time to several twitter accounts with one click, then what is the use of paying for your service? 
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  • One of the main reasons to actually have the app is the ability to retweet to multiple accounts and to schedule to multiple accounts the same content. 
  • Sure, Twitter changed their way of handling multiple accounts' posts, but that's no reason to make it harder for us to use Hootsuite.  It's too many clicks (compose the tweet, add media, schedule,...) for the same post to different accounts.

    Let me: add my accounts, compose the tweet, add the media and schedule to a future date/time in one move.  From there I can reschedule that post from a mass account post to individual accounts.  And if for some reason I don't, just adhere to Twitter's mandates and don't publish the mass post.
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