Error Message when adding Emojis to LinkedIn

Recently after many failed posts and difficulty finding the problem. The reason all my LinkedIn posts were failing was because they had emjois in them. I had no idea that unlike every other platform on Hootsuite, you cannot use emjois on LinkedIn. Some sort of red bar notifcation above the schedule button would be helpful in informing the user before they schedule many posts with emojis in them. :expressionless:
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  • I thought I was the only one, but I have also been experiencing this issue. Does Hootsuite not support emojis for LinkedIn?
  • Upvoting this topic. Kindly fix inserting emojis into LinkedIn. This should be a very basic functionality.
  • Just ran into this issue as well and only realised the problem after chatting with support. 

    A better way of solving this would obviously be not just having a more detailed error message ("emojis not supported for LInkedIn"), but to actually include the emojis.
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