Please remove the separate image link for LinkedIn posts

There is an issue when you schedule a post with an Image to be posted on LinkedIn. When posted, it adds an owly link to the image. See the attached screenshot. I added the first sniply link myself and I attached an image. The owly linke is added by Hootsuite and links to the image. It shouldn't be there because the image is displayed in the post. Also, the same message scheduled to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ don't have that link added either.
Support reply to me ticket about this: As of the moment, this is one of LinkedIn's API limitations for all image uploads to profiles that affects all third party social media management software. When images are uploaded to LinkedIn Profiles from a third party such as Hootsuite, LinkedIn will not host the image in full, but will rather refer to the image as hosted behind a link. When using Hootsuite, for example, uploaded images are "hosted" using URLs.
But I am not sure if that is still the case because I can remove the link from the post on LinkedIn.

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