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Submitting this Feedback on behalf of a customer, Ozzie:

[The new App version does not shrink links automatically, instead you have to click the chain icon and select which Link shrinkener you would like to use]

"It always automatically shortened the link. 
Why can't the automatic shortner stay as this is a super feature and time saving. 
Please can your devs switch it back on. 
If users wish to change the links they can after. 
Or to have a setting to turn automatic shortening on and choose the default link. 
I am sure I am not the only one saying this is negative and time consuming. 
Why is it on the desktop this problem is not there and the automatic shortner is working?
Honestly this new version is NOT user friendly at all."

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Thanks for the feedback. We disabled "auto shrinking" because not all users like to shrink their links. We're looking at the best way to make this optional but easy.


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    Please bring back the Automatic link Shortner!
    Your update removed it and now you have to press the link button to shorten.

    Please bring back the Automatic link Shortner as it saves so much time for people who manage plenty of accounts and tweet alot.

    Thank you!
  • The new version has the 'Shorten URL' button in the text box. So for long text that requires shortening, you have to scroll down to see the button. I call this, shortening URL whilst lengthening irony. 
  • I'd like the link shortener to have a drop-down menu so that you can choose which shortener you'd like to use. We have a custom shortener for our own website but use standard owly or bitly when promoting partners and it is a nuisance to keep changing back and forth.
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