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Hi Hootsuite,
Please consider a better way to organize DRAFTS. Right now I have 100's of drafts that I have to scroll through to get to the bottom of the list. I know I can search for my drafts by profile. However, that is VERY time consuming and it would be much easier if I could arrange my drafts by THEME instead. I share one theme across more than 60 separate social profiles at a time. Forcing me to individually search for each individual profile, then locate the draft then make edits then post it takes FOREVER. If they were all in one bucket I could do all my work in one place. Please consider making this change. Thanks!
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  • Agreed. Improving the DRAFT function would be a huge benefit. I envision something like being able to sort them, maybe put a handle on each one to move them around. Add Section Headings so that I can move drafts of a certain type under this heading; others under that. Maybe even add a user-defined sort field so that we can decide how to organize our DRAFT library.
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