Aspect ratio message when posting on IG

Getting error message requiring images to have aspect ratios changed when posting to IG. This is a recent change. Hootsuite will become a worthless app if this is not fixed ASAP. NO professional will convert their images to 'squares' when IG does NOT require this.

Please fix this before everyone leaves Hootsuite.

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    I'm new to hootsuite, in fact, just trying to set up my first scheduled posts. I am also seeing the same error as everyone else. I tried changing the aspect ratio, and then tried setting the crop to something within the aspect ratio and maximum pixel count as 1080 (suggestion from another thread). That also didn't seem to work and I kept getting the same error message as above. I even tried a 1:1 aspect ratio which also didn't work. The error message kept appearing in my android app.

    So I tried logging in from my laptop and then scheduling the post there instead. I was able to at least upload my image on my laptop without getting the error message and it seems to have been scheduled as I expected. Not sure if the post will fully post yet (post scheduled for tomo), but i wonder if the bug is affecting mobile users only. I did notice whoever posted the original screenshot seemed to be on mobile also.
  • I am also new to Hootsuite and I am experiencing the same issue.  I do all of my work on my desktop at this point and I cannot post to Instagram either.  I am evaluating this product for future use for my radio station and this would definitely be a deal-breaker.  I hope you get this issue resolved quickly!
  • Same! Please fix already paid subscription for this feature!
  • I will give this issue another 2 weeks to be corrected and we will be taking our business elsewhere. I am spending a ridiculous amount of time on social media, which I can easily do without this app. Thank you. 
  • Having the exact same issue! So rustrating.
  • Same issues here. Very frustrating
  • I had a conversation with a HootSuite rep and discovered that this issue comes up only when direct publishing to Instagram is enabled. If your image doesn't comply to IG's restrictions on image sizing, then the error pops up. Once I disabled direct publishing for that particular account, no more errors. It's extremely frustrating for those of us who wanted to save time by enabling direct publishing, but now have to revert to the push notifications method. 
  • Come in Hootsuite, get this fixed. I don't have direct publishing enabled (that was a complicated maze I gave up on trying to solve) and I'm getting the error still. 
  • Have no direct publishing but still get error 
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