Instagram Aspect Ratio

This needs to be acknowledged & fixed ASAP. Can not use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts! Others have also submitted feedback on this issue, so it is most definitely widespread. 
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  • Agreed very frustrating 
  • Please fix this asap. I am behind on my post due to this. Does anyone else use another service? 
  • Everyone is telling us to try crowdfire. We have also used outfy which works with pinterest.
  • The finally answered us. App doesn't work. No ETA on when they can fix it. Apparently the desktop version is working. 
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    For me it seems to only give the error when I try to attach an image from Google drive. When I attach an image that is stored locally on the phone I don't get the aspect ratio error. And if the error still occurs, mostly when editing an existing post, I just remove the image and add it again. Then I can save the edited post.
  • Seriously fix this Hootsuite! Listen to your users!!
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