I can’t reconnect my account

My account got disconnected and I followed all the steps to reconnect but it won’t sync! It just keeps telling me I need to reconnect. This is very frustrating. 
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  • I have the same problem in-app. In the safari browser on phone my instagram account is connected but in-app it wants to reconnect all the time. When I do all the steps to reconnect it seems to connect for 1ms, but then it quickly goes to the screen where it says reconnect. I hope it will work otherwise I have to switch to another social media organizer.

  • I’m having the same problem!!!
  • I’m having the same problem!!!
  • I am having the same problem. It sucks. I'm trying to activate my Instagram notifications, but the accounts are in red and keep asking me to sign in on Instagram and Facebook. It never works. I've restarted my phone, uninstalled the app twice, revoked access, and tried to reconnect the notifications three times. Please fix whatever the glitch is asap, because I have clients accounts to manage. Thank you.
  • I’m having the same problem. Infuriating. Please resolve. 
  • Hi all, the problem is fixed. I submitted a ticket with the Hootsuite Help Desk and they let me know that the developers were working on it, and then that it was resolved. All you have to do is install the update of the app. 

    For future reference, the process I went through to do this was to go to Twitter and DM @hootsuite_help. I let them know the problem and shared screenshots, and they were immediately responsive. From there, they opened a ticket, and soon I was getting email updates on how the ticket was progressing. It was fixed that day and the update was available for downloading. So hopefully you all have downloaded the update of Hootsuite on your phones and are able to use it happily!
  • Updates don't seem to fix this.
    I've re-installed several times so any updates should be included. Anyway no updates are currently available - cuz I just installed.
    Dead in the water. VERY frustrating!
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