Remove Twitter Mentions pop-up window when scheduling Instagram posts.

Please prevent the unnecessary and annoying Twitter mentions pop-up window from opening when scheduling an Instagram post. Since Instagram removed the ability for Hootsuite to create mentions, there is no reason for a pop-up window for mentions to open when you type an @ in your Instagram caption. When you type an @ the Twitter mentions window pops up and will not go away until you delete the @. I want to be able to just type the username in and be done with it, but the pop-up window blocks my view of the scheduling panel. I am forced to just get everything ready to go, then type in the username last before clicking the schedule button. This work-around is a temporary fix but I would prefer it if you removed mentions from the Instagram scheduling posts.
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  • I agree with this! Very annoying! Please get rid of this feature. I do not even have a Twitter account linked to Hootsuite.
  • I agree, it is very annoying to get that pop-up when you're not even scheduling something for Twitter.
  • yes. please fix this. simple issue, very frustrating.
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