UX/UI improvements

I'd like to take this time to give some additional feedback that I hope you can help forward to your dev team for consideration (will really help make the UX better!)

1. Color code each post according to the platform it's being sent out to in the Monthly view of the publisher (ex. magenta for Instagram, navy for Facebook, ocean blue for LinkedIn, red for YouTube, etc.) --> this would help me quickly reorganize my posts without having to switch to List view, which can get super overwhelming because I have a lot of posts scheduled a month in advance.

2. Add YouTube to the social network selector in the publisher. The first few times I tried to upload to YT I couldn't figure out where to upload and every time I clicked on "add a social net work" on there to link my YT account, it would say it's already been linked but I still couldn't figure out where to upload. Took me a while to find it, and I felt like it wasn't very intuitive.

Thank you :)

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