"Account disconnected"

I can't schedule tweets because HootSuite says my Twitter account is disconnected. However my streams are visible.
I only use HootSuite to schedule tweets. 
I've installed/reinstalled, revoked access, etc several times now. Nothing changes.
What to do????????
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  • Why is scheduled tweets the only stream that doesn't work?
  • Having the same issue, getting to the point where I'm going to give up completely on Hootsuite and I've used it for many years.
  • Agreed. I've logged in multiple times a day now to just use hootsuite, it keeps saying i need to reconnect. At this point I might as well just use twitter/tweetdeck. 
  • I have reconnected my accounts twice already (last weekend) and, again, this morning I am disconnected. Really like this product, but if I had time every day to check that my accounts were connected, I wouldn't need Hootsuite
  • Hi, also having the same problem. Happened for the first time last week and today I've had to reconnect Twittee 2-3 times. @hootsuite please could you advise? Thanks!
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    Same here, every time I try to connect via mobile app, since some weeks ago. I've signed out, cleared cache, wiped data, uninstalled and reinstalled, even unset 2-step. No way. Every login, no matter what I've done before, drives me to "disconnected" message. Absolutely annoying and really unexpected from you, Hooutsuite. 
  • It's a known bug. Do you have an android phone? Logging in to the Hootsuite app on Android results in getting disconnected from Twitter. I have a. Open ticket with Hootsuite on this, hopefully they get a fix soon.
  • Same problem here. Been going on for weeks.  I'm on a pro plan and just cancelled because of the appalling level of service. I've been treated like this is all my problem and not something that Hootsuite are already aware of and have a plan to fix.  Not really good enough.

  • Having the same issue here. I can reconnect my accounts on the web, but when I use the app, I get disconnected. This has been going on for awhile now. Any ETA on a fix?
  • Me as well. It is essential that I be able to schedule my social media postings as they are weekly campaigns for a client. This has caused serious problems with my work flow. 

    Hoosuite - What are you doing to resolve this?
  • What is going on with Twitter? I have missed so many posts because of Auto-Scheduling and then logging back into Hootsuite later to find that they haven't been tweeted and they aren't in rejected or anywhere else and my account is disconnected. 
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