Save Drafts in New Post Composer Mode!

Would you be willing to add a "Save as a draft" option when in the "Composer" view that pops up when you click on the green "New Post" button? Right now all you are able to do is "Publish immediatel" or "Schedule a Post" then"Send Now" (Enjoy my cool high tech pic below! lol)

The functionality of that dashboard (check boxes for social media accounts, clear design) and ability to see a preview of your post in different social media formats simultaneously is amazingly helpful. BUT sometimes I'm not ready to post/schedule a post yet. So right now, I can either prep a post/save as a draft but not preview and OR use the composer to preview but I can't save as a draft!


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  • Yup, new post UI is great, but without draft option I'll still use old interface.

    And - isn't it ironic - even when writing this message I have "save draft" option on this forum :D
  • Yes, totally agree!
    I don't see the point of having a tool to prepare posts in advance when you cannot save them as drafts... Also, it would be very useful to be able to save drafts from the mobile app. 

  • THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FEATURE. The whole point of Hootsuite is that it's supposed to foster advanced planning of social posts. Without the ability to create Drafts from the composer -- what's the point?
  • Also you can't access draft on the app! Useless!!
  • I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who recognizes that it is unfortunate that the user interface where you can preview, doesn't allow to save as a draft ! I'm totally new to hootsuite and marketing myself on social media, and want to make sure when I publish, it looks right!, but dont always have the time to publish right away..

    Like many, I'm doing this on my own so I don't have the time to be copying and pasting between the two interfaces (i.e., with one allowing drafts but no preview and the other allowing previews but no drafts! :/ :| ) to see what it looks like and to save it for later. Even if I weren't doing this on my own and outsourced the work, having to do that is still so very inefficient. Creating the content for posts takes enough time as it is!!

    Also I didn't even think about the drafts from the app! That's a good suggestion too! Have to say that I'm grateful for the computer based interface (which I actually discovered my accident!), as typing and planning posts from my phone was getting quite tedious and frustrating. It wasn't any faster or efficient than doing it straight through IG. 

    Anyway folks, Keep the interest going and hopefully we get them and other users to notice this post so the developers can make the suggested change!!!!!!! (And yes it is quite ironic that this page saves drafts periodically AND provides both a PREVIEW AND SAVE DRAFT option! What an oversight to not include it in the preview interface HA!!! :D )

  • I absolutely NEEEEED this. I uploaded 39 prepared tweets yesterday and thought I could leave adding the pics till today! ahhh!!!
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