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I've tried contacting customer service but they directed me here. After 6 months of finally fixing the fact that the mobile app would rotate images repeatedly, now, with that update, HootSuite is asking us to pre crop our photo to share on Instagram. This is not only a useless step as Instagram has you crop the photo to fit their aspect ratio once you enter Instagram, but you are also forcing us to crop a photo that we do not want to crop for use on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Etc. The customer service representative apologized for this"extra step" but I'm not looking to make extra steps by using HootSuite, I'm looking to REDUCE the number of steps.

Why not just go on Instagram (for free) and post a photo and share to Facebook and Twitter? HootSuite is literally adding an extra step where I have to edit my photo outside to make sure it's in the proper aspect ratio.

This is a pointless extra step that is completely unnecessary. I do not need to edit my photo for Instagram before I put it on HootSuite. Instagram will prompt me to do that when I go to publish it.

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