Option to Automatically Resend Failed Messages?

I know that a lot of people have been encountering issues with "Hootsuite Scheduled Message Failed to Send."  I'm aware that this happens across platforms for a variety of reasons.  I've asked in the past if there was an option to automatically try posting 5 or 10 minutes later if a post fails? When these posts fail over the weekend, I'm not on my work email to receive the message, and usually not by a computer where I could go in and pull up the post to schedule it again a few minutes later.  I've asked the help desk if there was an option to have these posts automatically tried again if they failed, and I was told there is not at this time.  Since I know it might take a while to sort out why messages are failing in the first place, is it possible to create the option to retry automatically so that people don't end up completely missing a posting altogether? This would be EXTREMELY helpful for us, and I imagine others as well.  
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