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Hi, in facebook there has recently been an update that allows you to tag products from your webshop, with url and price. I noticed that this isn't in hootsuite yet. Are you planning to make this available? Because otherwise we would have to schedule everything for our webshop company's via FB instead of hootsuite. 
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  • Yes we would love this too, currently we are needing to post direct to Facebook instead of Hootsuite, in order to use this feature
  • same here, managed to feed over 5000 products into Facebook and love to tag pics with our products.  wish hootsuite can prioritize this soon
  • COMPLETELY AGREE! I cannot find a social media scheduler that supports this. It's the one feature that I'm looking for and no one is doing it yet.  Please prioritize this!
  • I agree. I would like to be able to tag products for Fb and Instagram in scheduled posts. As it is now, I have to set reminders for when my posts go live so that I can go back and tag products. 
  • Has this ever been added?  I keep watching to see if there is an app or feature and don't see it.  It's been a feature on FB for over a year and is supported by other schedulers...

  • Agreed! Is this something you're working on @Hootsuite?  Very frustrating having to go to the native apps to tag products in posts.  Defeats the purpose of scheduling. 
    Thanks! :smile:
  • This a critical feature for post scheduling. Not allowing the tagging of products in scheduled Instagram and Facebook posts takes away from the utility of Hootsuite. I'd like to be able schedule all my content in advance but it's pointless if I have to go and edit a post immediately after it is posted in order to tag products. 
  • Please add this feature. I completely agree that not being able to tag product white scheduling defeats any benefit hootsuite brings to the table. 
  • Please add this feature! It would make hootsuite so much better. As it stands now, I don't use hootsuite for facebook because I can't tag products and facebook business has a way for you to schedule posts in advance already. But I would love to see this used for Instagram! 
  • If Hootsuite added this feature for Facebook and Instagram we would have a lot more users using your product!
  • Tagging products would be a HUGE upgrade!!
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