Multiple Photos in Facebook Posts

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It must be possible to include multiple pictures in a Facebook post, that you scedule in Hootsuite.
Right now you have the option to add multiple pictures to your post and scedule it - BUT by doing so, Hootsuite publishes the post multiple times with every single pictures.
Example: one text with three pictures sceduled will result in three postings with the same text at the same time only with the three different pictures. Please fix.


  • Total agreement. Is anyone reading this?
  • I just did this, expecting it to work and it published multiple posts: same text, each with a different picture. It was a scheduled post, so I didn't see the issue right away... just people telling me that I flooded their feeds. 

    Also, the tag I included disappeared at publish time.

    This is a bug. Hootsuite should fix it or not allow us to attach multiple images.
  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Feedback Forum!

    When posting multiple images to Facebook, you'll need to select an album in order for all images to show as the same post. You can find more details regarding this in the Help Desk article seen here: Attach Images to Messages

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  • Hootsuite folks, this Facebook album selection should be made much more clear for your users. I literally just had to manually delete 3 duplicate Facebook posts each across 7 pages I manage because I didn't know I had to select an album in order for Hootsuite to not send 3 duplicate posts. Hootsuite shouldn't even allow the user to upload multiple photos without first selecting an album (that's not "timeline photos")...because who on earth would want to post multiple posts with the same text at the exact time time with different images to their Facebook page? No one. Please fix this. 
  • Yes, this should be fixed. Other social media sheduling apps (Buf.) can do this normally without any struggle.
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