Multiple Users & Hashtags in Instagram Streams

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Within the Stream feature for Instagram I would like the ability to create streams with more than one hashtag (rather than one stream per hashtag, I'd like to create a stream that has multiple similar hashtags grouped together). Similarly I'd like to create a stream that has multiple users (vs. one user per stream).
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  • will not purchase Professional plan until this feature is available.
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    This is a VITAL feature. Currently the use of a single hashtag makes the whole thing practically useless. Configuring multiple hashtags in a single stream is the only way to effectively filter stream input to display content that's as relevant as possible. 
  • I, too, was upset to find out you can't have multiple hashtags in one stream. How is something so logical not a feature? And, how is it so difficult to add this feature? The only thing I can see is this eventually being locked behind a paywall. I'm now looking for an alternative social media management platform. 
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