Include Quoted Tweets in @mentions stream

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Quoted Tweets are becoming an increasingly important form of engagement on Twitter.

Quite often these days tweeters do not retweet or reply but will quote instead. It's sort of hybrid of the two, and great feature to boot.

Quoted tweets should be added to the @mentions stream.

Please UPVOTE me so that HOOTSUITE implement this ESSENTIAL feature as a  PRIORITY
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  • This is incredibly important. Please action it ASAP or we'll have to look for another provider!

  • It makes no sense that every other stream has the capability to display quoted tweets/replies -- the My Tweets stream, the Lists stream, and the Search stream can all show quoted tweets.

    The exclusion of quoted tweets from the Mentions stream just seems completely arbitrary and unintuitive. I use Hootsuite simply because it is my all-in-one package for everything Twitter and the lack of this feature makes Hootsuite become significantly less purposeful. 

    Please, Hootsuite - add quoted tweets/replies to the Mentions stream or at least offer us the option to turn it on. You're overlooking a huge new and essential feature of Twitter. 
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