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I use Google+ Collections so that my audience can choose what content they want to read, and it would be great to have this option in Hootsuite.
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  • Weeks ago a similar suggestion has been submitted here - see the Google+ post under
    Seems it has been deleted. However - next try...

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  • This is a must! 
  • I can't recommend this option enough!!  I do not know why Hootsuite says "Unplanned", as Google+ "Collections" is a very important SEO feature.  Google ranks posts to Google+ that are in "Collections" as higher than a regular post to 'public' or a circle(s).  If the option to include Collections in the privacy option when making a post in Hootsuite is enabled, this would be very good.  Further, if we can get a setting option for a 'default' collection, that would be great also!  Thank you Hootsuite!
  • This would be great! Not sure if Google would allow it. G+ api are too restrict and collections are very private! Not sure why Google goes this way with G+. It's bad for the platform.
  • Google+ is now part of GSuite and grouping quality content is the prevailing posting behaviour. It's for daily workflow. Why are you not planning it yet? Other competitors have adopted months ago.
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