Mobile option to toggle between multiple Hootsuite Accounts

Please create an option to toggle between multiple accounts on the mobile app (similar to what Instagram has created).  It is very cumbersome to have to log in and out when using more than one Hootsuite account - especially when you have multiple scheduled posts for multiple accounts on Instagram.
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Will Not Implement · Last Updated

Switching between Hootsuite accounts isn't something we plan to implement. If you do need to quickly switch back and forth, I'd suggest logging in with Twitter or Facebook so it's easier.


  • I totally agree. As a social media manager, I have several accounts I manage. If you are not logged into an account, you will not get notifications when it is time to push your instagram posts.
  • I completely agree. At least change it so that the notification doesn't automatically delete if you are not logged in. 
  • Yes this option would be really helpful. 
  • Can it be handled by using Pro account?
  • So silly to just refuse to offer a service like this. If Hootsuite thinks social media managers are only managing single accounts maybe they're not as social media savvy as they think.

  • Isn't the point of HootSuite to make social media managment easier? And here they are refusing to implement something that will make it easier. It's not acceptable to expect people who manage multiple business accounts to load them all onto one Hootsuite account and not give them a resource to do that. 
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