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I schedule most everything I do on Hootsuite, it's rare something is sent is real time; and I schedule a lot. I schedule at least 18-24 tweets/Facebook posts every evening. I also have a recapitulation of all of those daily posts all posted to Sunday at a specific time. 

This new update is a mess on so many ways. It now makes my tagging more difficult and time consuming. In most cases I have to spell out the entire tagged name, while before it would guess what I was tagging by only 3 or 4 letters. My Sunday recapitulation is mostly a copy and paste, before the update all I had to do was take off the last letter of the tagged name - now I have to completely erase it and retype it in full before it's recognized.

Next - the scheduling. As mentioned, I schedule A LOT at specific times every day/Sunday. Now I can't schedule until after the post is complete, so I have to try to remember what time it's supposed to be scheduled (Daily I start my news at 7pm and schedule each post every 5 minutes, Sunday's recapitulation starts at 7am, scheduled every 5 minutes). Many times I need two Hootsuite windows open so I can refresh one and scroll through to see what minutes I'm working on. Before the update, I could schedule while the time was fresh in my mind, then write out my post then hit send. Much easier, less time consuming. 

Link shortening used to be automatic, now I have to click a button and choose what service to use. Not a huge issue, but combined with everything else my posting has become very time consuming compared to the old version. 

If these issues aren't fixed, I'm sure I'm not the only one that will be looking at other automation services. 

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Thank you SO MUCH for the detailed feedback. Letting us know not only what you're doing, but also why and how really helps us improve the product. We're looking through your notes and tweaking things in upcoming releases. Reach out to us anytime here or on Twitter @HootsuiteMobile.

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