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AutoSchedule is one of must important function in Hootsuite.
It has - for me - a really big limit: the setting is per Application!
We can set begin time, end time and the number of the posts only globally, NOT for every social streams.

I think that every different brands and every kind of social networks need different settings.

So I purpose to you to move the "autoschedule" setting from global to every single streams!

Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
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  • Yup. Much, much needed. Seems painfully obvious to anyone who actually manages multiple social media accounts.
  • Oh, I could REALLY use that!!
  • YES PLEASE! If we could choose different daily post counts for different platforms, for example. If I'd like to post 4 times a day for Facebook, 3 times per day for Twitter and 1 time per day for Google + and Linked in.... I'm having to set my auto scheduler (autoscheduler) to 2 times per day for all networks then manually going in to add the extra Facebook and Twitter post. It's a run around action for a simple solution and is creating a LOT of extra work. I risk over posting to networks that don't need the high amount of activity for our industry and under posting to networks that need the high activity to grow. PLEASE LET US CUSTOMIZE! We've been a customer for almost 5 years and this is one of the major issues that may move us to a new SMM. Please fix, we do not want to switch SMMs. Our other issues also involve the calendar and posting functionalities as well. (Also NOT happy with the Posting beta, makes me nervous to stay if that is what is considered an improvement.)

    Thanks ~ Mandi
  • Noone in Hootsuite is interesting in my idea?
    Merlinox aka Riccardo Mares
    Digital Manager, SEO, HootAmb, #AsicsFrontRunnerItaly
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