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I purchased the Pro version of Hootsuite specifically for the Suggested Content feature. I contacted support who said it has been discontinued!? Please replace it!
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  • I agree! Please PLEASE bring it back!!! 3rd party Apps are not what I want to use, nor are they as simple and effective as Hootsuite's content!
  • Please PLEASE bring back suggestions for Publisher!!! 3rd party Apps are not what I want to use, nor are they as simple and effective as Hootsuite's content!
    This was absolutely the one thing that made Hootsuite exactly what I needed for my business. Now, I'm lost. Social media has once again become the bane of my business.
  • Where's my suggested content feature?!?!?!?!?!

  • will there be a replacement for Suggestions? this was the main reason to choose Hootsuite and i desperately need it.
    that might be an opportunity to lose customers, i am seriously thinking about switching platforms so please think about it :(

  • Why is this feature gone? I used it every week to populate my clients feeds with awesome articles from around the web that were relevant to their business. What third party app replaces this? I do not have time to search the web for these and use hootlet to schedule. Why am I paying for a platform that is removing features that are used on a daily basis? Perhaps it's time to search elsewhere????

  • Hi all,

    We were sad to see Suggestions go too!

    The API powering the Suggestions feature has been depreciated, meaning it is no longer available. Below are some great alternatives for content based apps that can be added to the web dashboard and that generate content based on terms or hashtags that you enter:

  • Hi all,

    Founder of ContentDJ here.

    Just want to point out that you can also give ContentDJ a try. We offer a content suggestion feature based on hashtags. We also feature a ludicrous curation mode - the fastest way to curate content (demo below).

  • The greatest problem I see with Hootsuite is the inability to provide content. We cannot do anything with a great tool that it is Hootsuite, but without content to share. I have tried all the options you suggest for finding content, none of them have worked. There are lots of apps coming into the market that have seen this flaw in Hootsuite and will take advantage of it. The time it takes to research for content is the most time-consuming task for a marketer. It should be integrated into the platform to really make it the dream come true for any digital marketer. 
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