Rearrange Scheduled Posts in List View

I find it odd that there's no way to rearrange scheduled posts in the list view - right now to merely switch between post you have to open each of them and manually change their date and time to the other one's which is extremely inconvenient, especially if you want to rearrange a few posts.
This sadly also removes the benefit of auto-scheduling at the best time, if you want to move a post to a different day or even hour, while making a new post sets it to the first best time available, if you want to move the post you can't know which is the best time for that.

It would be amazing if you could implant a drag and drop system in list view where we could pick up a post, move it over a date column and it would show us the best times to publish based on the number of auto-scheduling number that was set. 
While usually you wont see dates and hours that don't have a post in them, when picking up a post you will see the next few days after the last scheduled post and moving the post over a certain date will show the X best times to post and you can drop the post onto one of those times.

Another simpler idea, but still very beneficial, would be to just be able to move a scheduled post to a place of a different scheduled post and the other posts will take the place of the moved post.

For example:
If I have post A at 01:00, B at 02:00 and C at 03:00 and I want to move C to the top, I will just draw it onto post A, making post B move to 03:00, A move to 02:00 and C will be at 01:00.

I really hope this could be done! Thank you!
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